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Thailand Travel Guide

Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world and with its ancient cities, lush rainforests, picturesque temples, and many pristine beaches and diving waters it appeals to travellers of every kind.

Thailand has a reputation for affordability, and prices still compare favourably to those in Europe and the United States – ranging from inexpensive hostels to high-end five-star resorts. This wide range of options, and its warm, even-climate draws backpackers, divers and adventurers the world over. 

On top of all its natural wonder, Thailand is rightly renowned for its cuisine; from fresh seafood, and coconut milk-laden soups to searing hot curries - the food in Thailand is a favourite of many.

Social media users and photography fans will have no doubt seen countless shots of Thailand's breathtaking sights; azure waterfalls, delicate yet vibrant orchids, and the countless beautiful reefs spread along its coasts and many islands. But for the more laid-back traveller, Thailand’s world-famous spas and hotels are a big draw.

Last, but not least the Thai people are famously hospitable, with Thailand one of the first countries in Southeast Asia to open its doors to tourism – an effort helped by the 19th-century king of Siam Rama IV and his love of all things Western. This early welcome helped cement Thailand's foundation as a true must in south-east Asian travel.


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